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Please note: This is a knowledge base article example created to help you familiarize yourself with what KnowledgeGuru can offer.

KnowledgeGuru is packed with features

We’ve carefully analyzed the needs of the knowledge base website owners and created KnowledgeGuru to be powerful, fast, and as simple to use as possible.

Custom knowledge base blocks

Utilizing the power of the new WordPress editor, we’ve created custom blocks that will help you build your knowledge base website in minutes:

Live ajax search

Help your visitors find what they are looking for in an instance with this powerful feature. Live search results will appear as keywords are entered in the search form. Go on, give it a try below:

Extensive styling options

With KnowledgeGuru you have a wide range of styling options to customize the look and feel of your knowledge base website. Whatever your brand is – clean, corporate, fun, minimalistic – we’ve got you covered.

Customize everything from colors and fonts to the look of your website elements and blocks. There are three looks to choose from – sharp, rounded corners, and pill.

Made by a team of professionals

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